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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Christopher G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/09/2018 08:39:47

A fun book that gives a lot of tools to inspire diversity and out of the box thinking for character types. I especailly liked the maps of the different motleys and how to connect characters used throughout the book in different ways to tell different stories. I do wish that this map was more fleshed out and provided some thought into how you could use that sort of connection for player-made characters, but that's just wanting extra that's not already included. I can see dropping many of these characters in as NPCs in an ongoing game or handing them out as characters to run at a convention.

The only negative I have is the lack of explanation about the two character sheets for each character. Its obvious that one is a more advanced version than the other, but without explanation or a calculator, its hard to determine how the advancement was made. It would have been good to include a quick paragraph, or even a sentence of explanation to avoid confusion.

Good stuff and very thought and idea provoking - exactly what one wants in a short character supplement!

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C20 Ready Made Characters
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