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World of Farland: War of Immortals Campaign Setting $6.99
Publisher: World of Farland
by Juan M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/08/2018 05:15:36

War of Immortals is the prequel setting to World of Farland. Here you will learn how it was like before the Lords of Sin ruled. The book has 195 colour pages and it is intended both for players and DMs. Art is both open license content and commissioned.

SETTING The setting has an overal classic feeling with nice twists here and there. The scope is epic but through a darker, grittier, lens.

Humans and halflings are newcomers; elves and dwarves are trying to enlight this primitive cultures while defending the wold against the Dark Folk. Magic is powerful but rare (or sparse) and traveling is slow and perilous.

The Dark Folk are mainly goblinoids (and some kobolds) ruled by an orc-demon but the chapter dedicated to the evil kingdom of Stor-gris makes it clear there are monsters a plenty and we learn that they are not a reliable group. There are different factions with different goals... and even the orc-demon could be but a toy of a clever villain... I just can´t stress enough how much I like the Evil Kingdom chapter because of the great ammount of information and detail about the main antagonists.

All the races -being good or evil- feel credible, three dimensional and rich textured.

Something not very usual: we get different "what if" for the DM to decide the future of Siriand... even breaking the Farlan canon! There´s an starting point (year 9770) and some posible events are discussed besides the official story.

The book is story reach (there´s even some short fiction) and evocative; it´s a good read and anda very interesting setting. If you already own Farland, it reads somewhat between an history book and a bible; if you don´t own it... well, make yourself a favour and buy it.

RULES & CRUNCH It´s a 5e without rules changes of note. Some spells are unknown, some magic items do not exist, and healing is slower, that is. On the other hand we get many race variants (or subraces) in adition to those in the SRD. I love it for they enrich the racial tropes for humans and non-humans alike and could easily be included in any setting you like.

ADVENTURING IN SIRIAND Althought the DM gets free hand to plot the events as she desires, there´s an official Outline which leads to the events described in World of Farland. It feels pretty interresting and worth of playing.

Two adventures are included. Both are exploration adventures which are mean to give a lot of information of past events and sowing adventure hooks for a longer campaing. Be cautioned: as introductory adventures they are good, but can be deadly... We´ll, we said it was dark and gritty and we like it that way, isn´t it?

My two cents: I think it would be more useful to play one of the adventures and use it as an starting point. When the first campaing is over... well you can play the second adventure as an starting point for a new campaing.

QUIBBLES I just found one thing I do not like. Althought it is said this is a stand alone product you are told to consult the World of Farland Campaing Setting now and again. There are gods´names equivalence tables for all the races but you will find no description of deities. Some words about Oluk orcs would have been nice as well.

Of course it´s a minor quibble for the World of Farland Campaing Setting book is a must and, on the other hand, there´s a lot of free stuff in

VERDICT Buy it, read it, play it and enjoy it. I think it´s a work of love, rich in details and fluff. The book looks very nice and it os well layed out. I´m eager to get more War of Immortals stuff. I think there´s nothing better I could say about a RPG setting.

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World of Farland: War of Immortals Campaign Setting
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