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World of Farland: War of Immortals Campaign Setting $6.99
Publisher: World of Farland
by Brad W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/05/2018 22:26:51

This is another great supplement in the World of Farland product line.

War of the Immortals is epic and heroic storytelling in an age of legends that doesn't feel like it was a rewrite of the Silmarillion. This is a World of Farland take, and it's done very well.

This team does a great job of doing two things that are critical, at least in my mind, for succesful world building, storytelling and ttrpgs.

  1. They present you with useful information in a way that's not overwhelming and very easy to absorb and use.
  2. The information the book provides injects so many plot hooks and campaign ideas that the world really comes alive.

The layout of the book is well done, so much so that I'd recommend reading it from start to finish.

I like the way they relate the various racial histories with the over all world history. Seeing historical data that was presented elsewhere in the book reinforced via a specific races section helps tie everything together.

The section on the Dark Folk aka the bad guys, makes them more real. There's enough information presented that you could run a dark side campaign without much trouble.

The Campaign Outline is very useful, especially after you have absorbed all the detailed world building that precedes it in this book.

The decision to go dark and gritty with an ancient world history is enjoyable. I was expecting more high powered magic and people, but I think that could have been a mistake. This setting feels real and playable, and plausible, at least as much as a world with dragons and elves can be.

The two included adventures are for mid level characters, 5th level and 9th level respectively. I would have loved to see a 1st or 2nd level adventure included that was tied to the campaign.

I'm going to be forcing the group that's currently playing through Tomb of Annihilation, to take a detour for a bit in War of the immortals. I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to use this to convince them to play a campaign in World of Farland.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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World of Farland: War of Immortals Campaign Setting
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