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DARK PLACES & DEMOGORGONS - Survive This!! - Core Rule Book OSR RPG $19.99 $7.99
Publisher: Bloat Games
by CONRAD H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/04/2018 14:45:16

I purchased this and read through it but haven't played it yet. They have taken the D&D system (Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Chr, HP, AC, etc.) and have added skills system that is just enough and not too much to get the job done they want to do. There are no revolutionairy game mechanics in here but that is a good thing because that means you probably know how to play this already. Should you purchase this? If you loved Netflix's Stranger Things then YES. Stop reading now and go purchase this.

The real magic that they have baked into this game is everything beyond the rule system. I honestly they believed they watched every 80s kid adventure movie that I wanted to be a part of and made a game for me. And I know why they did it. See, and I got this from the Stranger Things "Behind the Scenes" interviews, the '80s was the last time when kids could go have these kind of adventures. Parents were not as concerned where you were. Cell phones and instant data wasn't there so hearsay, rumors and superstition was still a parge part of our life. There was just more mystery back then. Things were just starting to get computerized and 2048 bit RSA keys were not in the way. You just had to sneak into the school office and turn on the computer to look at someone's grades. If you wanted to know about a kid, you had to go to the file cabinet.

Being a kid in the 80s in a strange rural town was awesome and I believe they have captured all that with this game.

I couldn't stop thinking of adventures I wanted to write and run. I think this game and setting is best for investigative type adventures. It takes only a little more than a beginner GM to write and run those but if you can then you will rock your table with this book and the other add-ons.

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DARK PLACES & DEMOGORGONS - Survive This!! - Core Rule Book OSR RPG
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