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Chevauchee: Rules for Battles with Medieval Miniatures $3.99
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by Marc G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/20/2009 10:26:23

Truly a "let's grab a bunch of figures and run it out" kind of game. I like the method of determining who has what equipment (essentially categorizing what the figure looks like) and the basic rules are simple and quick to learn. The advanced rules are kept separate (two big additions are "heroic" characters and sieges) and are a nice evolution after playing the basic game a few times.

Some die-hard grognards may think it too simplistic, but I think these rules would be perfect for a large scale convention game with groups of people who need to learn the rules quickly.

The only part that seemed a little clunky was determining fatal blows for heroic figures, but I think if I played it few more times, it might flow a little better.

All in all, though, a nice set of rules to play a minis game without cards or info strips.

Now I just wish I had bought a set of those figures advertised on the back of my comics so many years ago!

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Chevauchee: Rules for Battles with Medieval Miniatures
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