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V20 Companion $9.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Michael F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/25/2018 13:13:27

This book is fantastic, i cant find better words for it, for one the deeper look into Kindred Politics and economy despite it being in favors ( Boons ) owed, is super appreciative and honestly abit fun to read about, the amount of ideas i got reading through that 1 section for how to make not only my characters but the NPC characters i create when i Storytell is amazing, i created a Elder Brujah Harpy for my game just reading that and hes already a favorite among the players who both love him and fear him. Its also been useful for them giving them so much of a better understanding on Boons and how they work given some of them where very new to Vampire but have already fallen in love with it! I highly suggest this book, the information here is informative, fun to read and well written. The Subjects explained and discussed in the book are elaborated on and explained but kept informative without being drawn out which if your in the middle of a game and need a refresher is very helpful. The Section on Titles i found very fun and interesting and have already been implementing it in my games, no longer is this elder just some old kindred in the eyes of my players because he just walks by them at Elysium now he is a Consul or a Warden or a Head-Hunter. It adds a sense of vibrancy and for some of my players all new ambitions and concepts to play with and iv been playing since 1st edition. Massive Props to all the people who worked on this!

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V20 Companion
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