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BASH! Ultimate Edition $34.95 $9.99
Publisher: Basic Action Games
by YANN E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/18/2018 05:55:28


This review is based on reading only. I have not yet played the game.

Bash does not seems to be a complicated RPG. The basic book contains all what is needed to play and run the game : character creation with small and not overwhelming budget, easy rules to play (if you know multiplications), a lot of powers to choose, good advice for the game master, a setting chapter who describes 10 of the most used comics settings and how to implement them in play and a lot of already made heroes and villains for all power levels covered by the game.

It is a game I could run somehow in the future. My only small gripes are : Hit Points, I don’t think Hit Points is a good thing in a superhero RPG and the tactical aspect of the game which, I think is playable without a battlegrid but seems to requires one anyway.

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BASH! Ultimate Edition
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