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Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon
by Richard K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2009 14:56:18

I received the revised edition of the book. I read it in one afternoon, it takes about an hour to go through it if you read them with their answers and don’t stop to figure them out. I found no distracting typos or problems with classic poems.

I did think the book had some interesting cover art, obviously an edited photo, perhaps a riddle? (I usually print these things out and put them in three-ring-binder so cover art matters to me.)

I found the book had some well placed bookmarks. They are placed so users can either call up the riddles with the answers, or without the answers. (In case they are buying this book for themselves.) The bookmarks also allow users to call up riddles by numbers or by topics. So the DM can randomly generate a riddle or look one up for a special purpose. (I plan to do it both ways in my own games.)

Personally, I don’t believe players should be given hints. I can’t think of a single case in any literally work where the villain or hero offered hints. (Except perhaps a comedy.) If DMs have a ready list of hints at their finger-tips they tend to use them too soon, which may rob their players/characters of the challenge of solving things on their own. If a riddle turns out to be too tough for their players the DM can always have their characters make intelligence rolls to solve the riddle. (Perhaps dock them some XP for it.) I mentioned the above – because this book does not give hints and I for one am totally good with that.

As the other reviewers of this book have mentioned, the riddles in the book are pretty good. A most excellent mixture of classic riddles many done with Tolkien-like poetry all relative to a fantasy role-playing environment. Riddles range from moderately simple to moderately complex. (Of course, difficulty is in the mind of the beholder.) The author includes a lot of all new riddles with interesting fantasy subjects like drawbridges, castle walls, moats, seven virtues/vices, love and even one unusually poetic one about wine.

I can find no major fault in this book, except I would like to see a lot more riddle/poems by this author. (For the price, I think the book has nice value.) Some of the classic riddles in this book may be found in other books or on the web, but most of the riddles in this book are the original work of this author which makes this book a unique collection of riddles found nowhere else. (Which is really good if you have players who read and know a lot of the classic previously published riddles as I do.) I believe this book is a must-have-reference for any DM who wants to test the minds as well of as the swords of their players. I think it will add hours of wonder and entertainment to my games, and therefore I must give it my highest recommendation.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the good review. Yes, I fixed a few problems noted by previous critcs/readers. Hopefully it will prove to be a classic role-playing aid.
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101 Fantasy Riddles
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