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Publisher: Isolation Games
by Patrick S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/16/2018 00:50:34

As a Dieselpunk-Fan, i was pleasantly surprised to find a new RPG in this vein. I was even more happy when i realised that this game has an awesome setting and an easy to grasp traditional system with some advanced modern aspects. The weird, eldritch parts of the setting are easy to ignore, if you prefer a more grounded background. For me Age of Steel falls into the same positive category of relatively unknown little gems like Warbirds, Barbarians of Lemuri or Covert Ops. Gems which deserve way more attention. I hope Age of Steel sells well, so that Isolation Games can feed us more of this goodness.

So why no 5 stars then? Unfortunately there are countless spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes all over the book. In fact there are so many that you can find several on every single page. The worst of these are the many missing commas, which at times can make sentences very hard to read. The whole book reads like as there was abolutely no editorial work done. The illustrations, while very good online and in the PDF, are way to dark in the PoD. But this is not Isolation Games' fault.

All in all i would love to see more coming for Age of Steel! Good work overall!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you for the kind review!

We are aware of the spelling errors and are currently working on a revision that will correct these issues. Please accept our apologies in the meantime.
Age of Steel has now been amended to correct the spelling mistakes highlighted by this review.
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Age of Steel
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