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Zaibatsu $12.99
Publisher: Zozer Games
by Mark J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/12/2018 05:10:26

I'm part of an experienced RPG group in Kazakhstan. I love the setting for this, and the game mechanic is easy and straight-forward. I enjoy crunchy games, too, but we used Zaibatsu for a 4-hour one-shot. By strategically selecting portions of the book to print, I was able to put together materials that the players could use to make their characters and play without prior knowledge of the game. PC generation took about 20 minutes. The game went great! I used the beginning mission included in the book. The players, as usual for our group, managed to completely avoid the direction they were supposed to go. But, with some ad hoc additions to the game, things went fine. I followed the designer's suggestion of keeping combat frequent and deadly. I also added new NPC's on-the-fly (I introduced the Makita assassin as a "femme fatale," and put her and her team earlier in the game, then had them have a shoot-out with the PC's for the climax). But, again, this was easy to do given the easy game mechanic. The players loved the setting and the fast-pace of the game!

Keep in mind that the game's modified Cepheus engine was easier for me than for some gamers in that I was already familiar with Traveller. The book has a few typos, but I'll address one of these on the discussion thread.

We're planning to use Zaibatsu for a local con on Saturday.

I do recommend this game!

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