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Ragnarok: Age of Wolves
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Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by Jason A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/10/2018 23:05:16

Reading through Ragnarok: Age of Wolves was super easy, the flavor and philosophy of Viking battle got me excited to play. Easily the easiest game to set up, the mechanics serve the story and the fun, not points values or complicated sheets, it just has a well layed out creation system for heroes and fighters that you can create your armies from. While the book gives you stats for soldiers and heroes, it also gives you the stats/equipment/info to create your own followers, soldiers, and heroes with abilities like Fire Lash or transformations, spells, and even Runes to affect play.

Combat works in phases, movement, charges, spells and missles, evasion, standard procedure, with easy conflict resolution, and clear dice rolls determining effect/result of actions taken but with a chance for your opponent and you to change up the odds with bonus dice earned in the rolling of wyrd.

This book also includes a lot of options to really feel Northern combat. From burning great halls, to ice covered terrain, the only thing missing were the longboats, and I hope that's be in the next book.

Pick this up and start your own saga soon.

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Ragnarok: Age of Wolves
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