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Advanced Encounters: Terrain Toolbox (PFRPG) $4.95
Publisher: Sneak Attack Press
by David D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/05/2018 07:17:01

Having bought a printed copy of ‘Advanced Encounters: Terrain Toolbox’ (PFRPG-version), I’m very glad I did so. Although a bit expensive considering it is a black & white book of only 32 pages with 27 pages of content, I can highly recommend this book to any GM who likes to ‘play’ with terrain, bringing it a bit more to the foreground with elements of surprise toward player characters. Surprises that could either benefit player characters or being an added danger or hindrance. Same toward NPC’s.

The Terrain Toolbox allows the GM to make battles more interesting, the terrain becoming a kind of extra character in play. It allows the GM to modify encounters, making it more or less difficult without changing the amount or type of creatures by placing part of terrain with specific abilities.

Flowers that cause magical fatigue, explosive kegs to be used in the heat of battle, holy or unholy altar, magical ballistae, pillars that randomly chainlight electricity, roofs and floors that can collapse, zerogravity zones, etc… This book is just full of interesting ideas to make encounters just more memorable and challenging.

The layout is nice and the random art pictures are nice too. The only thing that could have been worked out better is ‘the shattered glass’ sample terrain, giving the glass an attack roll to hit players where a reflex saving throw on part of the player is way more logical and appropriate (shattered glass being a varation of caltrops).

My final verdict: I attribute 4 stars to this book.

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Advanced Encounters: Terrain Toolbox (PFRPG)
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