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Seeds of Tomorrow (Scion) $6.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Jason N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/12/2009 15:41:20

The Awesome: SoT presents a Scion adventure which does have a place for combat but, by and large, not combat skills are going to be most useful. Good mentals to figure things out, socials to get information, even purview uses which can be used to overcome hardships. If you are tired of bug hunts, or feel like that is all Scion comes out to, this adventure will be a breath of fresh air. One could also point to it as a counterexample of the people who say Scion is all bug hunts, but at this point even the dimmest critics should realize it isn't, but you never know. Anyway, cool and different. No titanspawn to fight yet plenty of challenging obstacles

The Good: The adventure is overall well written. The characters are good and intelligent. They have appropriate depth, and apart from the Ugly (see below) I can identify with them. We were given enough for each personality to have some quirks, and no one (to me) seemed throw away. The Manitou Scion was a nice touch.

The Bad: Bits of the story would be awful easy to unravel with the right powers. Mystery is a perennial offender here, but to be fair, if your running a mystery, mystery is not your friend, and short of basically neutering it and laughing at the player for daring spend points there, I have no suggestions. More problematic is a villainous figure who could be figured out immediately via Psychic Profiler or Brehon's eye as a foe, and no particular defense (again, GM could give him an artifact, but again, that is unfairly neutering powers, which I am loathe to do). Ultimately, this can be cut out by not having him show to talk to the players, but then the villain is hidden until the end and you get "and it turns out this was the plan of...THIS GUY YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF!" which is less cool.

The Ugly:It hurts my head beyond reason that the gods, most of whom have mental and social epics, could be foiled because someone told the kids a bad person was coming. Thoth maybe, but mac Lir and Apollo it seems a bit off. And Thoth strikes me as the sort to figure out something is amiss here. Most of the visitations involve blatant supernatural effects (talking crows, shining lights, artifacts) and "cuz someone said so" stikes me as an odd reason to just reject it. It just feels wrong, and generally epic charisma or manipulation should soothe even that over. Were I to run it I would leave that off and just have the OoDG pick up the kids.

My only other note is this: I, personally, don't like the Order of Divine Glory. I personally seem them as evil straw man for making the dominant organized faiths as bad guys, and their lasting so long working against epically intelligent gods, who they are fucking with on purpose, hurts my head. Maybe if they were recent here while the gods were distracted, but not overall. This is NOT, however, a commentary of any sort on the adventure; It is a bias I thought I should make clear to anyone reading my commentary so they take it with whatever grain of salt they see as appropriate.

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Seeds of Tomorrow (Scion)
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