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Battle Century G $9.95
Publisher: Gimmick Man
by Andrea M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/22/2018 01:27:14

I funded this game through Kickstarter, because I was impressed by what I saw. Then I got it in my hands, and I wasn't disappointed! Sure, it isn't as technical as some others - but I don't care! I've been playing RPGs for years on end, and I've been a fan of robot anime for even longer, and let me tell you - THIS is the only game that manages to accurately reproduce the classic super robots of the eighties, building them easily and in an enjoyable way. Why, while I was reading the rules I tried to - and managed to - recreate most of my favorites from all the shows, whether they were the Getter Robo (original, G and Shin), Mazinger Z, Gundam, the White Base, Raideen, a Valkyrie... if I could think it, I could make it. I was ASTOUNDED. Then I tried a game with my friends, and sure enough they were into it all the time, whether their unit was a titanic, lumbering Super or a swift, diminutive power armor. Ditto the pilots: rogue alien princess? A snap. Brash high school student? No problem. Uptight military pilot? Good to go. It was an awesome gaming night. Then I gave it another shot with my online team - just as successful. Sure, not all the pictures are top grade, but that's just nitpicking... Let me state it for short: if you're looking for something that lets you recreate the awesomeness of old anime - and you've grown bored of systems that offer ONLY "tank on legs" units - GET. THIS. GAME. NOW.

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Battle Century G
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