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Future Armada: Drake $5.95
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by Lee W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/29/2009 19:37:54


I've since discovered that the oversized print images are located in the "Art" folder included in the file package. It is nice to know that these oversized print images were actually included with the product. However, I think the publisher should include a note somewhere saying they are not with the map pdf, but rather with the art (?) images.

With these files "discovered", I give this product a 4.5* out of 5 (rounded to 5).

*Needs clearer instructions on where the oversized prints are.


I purchased "Future Armada: Drake" specifically to use the composite 24" x 60" image of the Drake for a game session. I had the image printed out on an oversized printer, even after the employee at the print shop told me that printing the 24" x 60" image on corresponding paper would distort the image (stretch it top to bottom).

The employee was correct: the 24" x 60" print was distorted and unusable. I tried a 22" x 36" print out of desperation, trying to salvage something for my game, but of course the image was too small to retain the 1" = 5 feet scale.

Unlike other products that advertise oversized print possibilities, this product seemed to simply have an 8.5" x 11" composite image be intended for printing at 24" x 60".

Also unlike other products, print "options" and "suggestions" are virtually non-existent. It would have been nice to have some "cues" for printing (much like those included in "12 to Midnight/Fabled Environments" products). I would not be surprised if the publisher responded to my criticism by saying that the composite image was not intended to be printed oversized- even though it is supposedly in oversized scale! Inf act, now that I type this review away from my copy of the file, I'm wondering if I could have possibly printed the "wrong" image. A printing guide should be included for those willing to print oversized.

Regardless of being out cash for useless prints, the actual 8.5" x 11" pages of color tiles are beautiful. I guess I'll blow a color ink cartridge (or two) and print these at home...

3.5 (rounded to 4) out of 5

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Future Armada: Drake
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