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On the Shoulders of Giants (LotFP-Compatible) $4.99
Publisher: Apollyon Press
by Tore N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/14/2018 03:10:26

The central idea of this steting is that the world consists of dead gods. They are the terra firma, the source of food, magic and people. In fact food is an earlier stage of people.

The book starts out with four new character classes (in the style of LotFP).

The Conspirator is a sort of mastermind character. They plan crimes or serve as thief-takers and security experts. They have a number of Planning Points which lets them affect outcomes of rolls and such. I like this very much, but would like to give them a bit more oomph. The Corpse Worker is a damage-sponge and laborer, mining the god-corpses for raw materials. The Prize Fighter is an orphan or slave who escape their dire circumstances by knocking seven shades out of people. They dish it out as well as the LotFP fighter, but can't take it (as well). The Witch Doctor is a sorcerous mad scientist with the ability to perform Experiments.

Experiments are procedures somewhere between folk magic and Victor von Frankenstein. They are gross, and often involve trade-offs that would give a sane person pause.

As a whole the classes are good and flavorful, but I wonder if they're meant to work alongside or instead of the LotFP ones.

The geography of the dead gods is very quickly dealt with. Too quickly for my taste. In LotFP you usually have some historical setting to fall back on (the Thirty Years War etc), but here the basics themselves are weird. I would have liked some more info on daily life, or maybe a sample village or other location.

The monsters are cool, icky, and fit with the general body horror aesthetic. I would use them, even if I didn't use the setting.

Then we have an adventure location. It is fun if a bit brief.

The Appendicies are a random monster generator (I love it and will use it a lot) and a good list of inspirations/appendix N.

The illustrations are by Scrap Princess, and I'm a big fan.

Upshot: I like the product very much, but I'd like a bit more setting perhaps. (I have the .pdf, but not the physical book (yet)).

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On the Shoulders of Giants (LotFP-Compatible)
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