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Counter Collection Digital v3.0 $39.95
Publisher: Fiery Dragon
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/24/2009 10:07:42

Fiery Dragon played a big part in helping me develop my current Dungeon Mastering Style. Before them, I struggled with visuals. I hated writing long prose for description because rarely do players pay attention to the box text.

Player: What did the elf look like again? Me: You mean the Dwarf?

Then came Fiery Dragon. They produced sets of perforated tokens that could be otrn out and placed on a game table. This was great at first, but it soon became a hassle to prepare game as you only had one or two copies of something and you had to find it. Then came their digital products which provided the same quality tokens in a digital format, allowing me to run a completely digital game.

Fiery Dragon now releases Counter Collection Digital 3.0, their best collection of artwork yet in a consistent effort to help dungeon masters digital and non-digital.

The artwork is amazing, very detailed renderings of all of your favorite fantasy creatures and races spanning 3rd edition, 4th edition, Ptolus, Iron Heroes, Tunnels and Trolls, Arcane Evolved and superhero campaigns. The coloring is very thorough, each piece exploding in vibrant personality. Some creatures have two or three versions to provide a distinction when using multiple NPCs of the same type.

There is a ton of artwork included as well. Over 500MB of drawings. There will be reason again to scour through the internet to look for that perfect picture for you. There are over 3,000 to choose from.

All of the images come in JPG, something I was a bit put off with, as us hard core digital DMs enjoy the clarity of PNG. It would have also been nice to see them try images with transparent backgrounds.

For the Dungeon Master The best feature of this product is the organization. Previous incarnations of the products were a hassle, lumping all the files into broad categories and leaving it up to the Dungeon Master to sort. With 3.0, everything has its distinct folder based on type and sub type. Another great feature is the Innovative Interactive PDF sheet that can be downloaded free from RPGNow and Fiery Dragon’s website. With the sheets, you can take any image from your hard drive and lay them out in 1 inch squares in the PDF. There are also sheets for larger monsters.

The Iron Word With 4th edition relying heavily on tokens, and other editions more playable with the accessories, Counter Collection Digital 3.0 is a must have accessory in a Dungeon Master’s library. Whether you are a laptop DM or pencil hauler, the product works for you. The interactive sheets allow easy printing and the organization allows the laptop DM to find images on an instance.

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Counter Collection Digital v3.0
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