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Temples, Cemeteries, & Other Religious Places (City Builder Volume 9) $1.99
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by Randy M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/24/2009 08:58:52

Another nicely done package for the City Builder series!

Volume 9: Religious Places puts an informative spin on an often overlooked area of RPGs. Whereas most adventures have the PCs running to the temple/church looking for a Cleric to heal them, this product actually gives a GM a plan and purpose for said Cleric outside the healing spells. The historical descriptions of the monastery and convent are definitely something you wouldn't find in an adventure module (c'mon, how many of you actually have convents in your games?). Areas like these give the GM the ability to add life, and a touch of realism to his or her city, and with the adventure hooks, even a place to explore in more detail.

While graveyards and cemeteries seem like places for the once-living to reside, this volume shows that there's quite a bit of living activity there as well. They're not simply rows of tombstones and dirt, but places of business as well. This is often overlooked while killing off zombies and ghouls. :)

Personally, I found the temples section very useful, particularly because is also includes a floorplan of a cathedral, a REAL cathedral. The descriptions and other illustrations not only round out these buildings, but give them a sense of purpose and possible bases for adventure.

There is, as always, a LOT of good material in this installment, great for GMs to expand their narrative skills and interesting enough to make players WANT to go there. If you have clerics, paladins or druids in your game...pick up this one and really make them shine.

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Temples, Cemeteries, & Other Religious Places (City Builder Volume 9)
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