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Hostile $19.99
Publisher: Zozer Games
by Shawn F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/11/2018 23:53:28

If you want a gritty and edgy setting that feels dangerous and grungy from the first page, this book is the LV-426 you've been looking for.

This is a retro-80's setting, ala Aliens or Bladerunner -- no smartphones and no nanotechnology, heavy on the industrial grunge, corporate oppression, and conniving criminal syndicates. It really feels like the classic sci-fi of that era, and includes extensive world and organizationl information. You've got colonial marines, military contractors, miners, work-a-day joes fit for the moons of Jupiter, and yes, androids as PCs. (The series 110 are the heavy combat chassis, indeed.) The technology of the setting is fully fleshed out, including plenty of guns, armor, vehicles (from Aliens exoskeleton loaders and APCs to Bladerunner-style hovercars), and a ship design system for large and small craft that has a lot of setting appropriate flavor and details (Nostromo-style tugs, USCM dropships, one-man lifepods).

The game covers a description of the major players in the universe, and has plenty of maps to describe the world. You can drop your PCs right into it and just start playing. I liked the effort at creating company names and logos. It's very handy for waving your hand around as a GM and giving the impression of a deep background. However, Hostile is generic enough and familiar enough that honestly, you don't need to say much more than "you are a commerical shipping crew in hibernation when you are awakened because of a distress signal." And then watch your players fall apart. They know what's coming. And fortunately for the GM, there's a section of horror pacing and for creating exomorphs.

Note, that if you have Zaibatsu, the Japanese cyberpunk game by Zozer, then you'll see that Hostile plugs into that setting seamlessly. Whereas Zaibatsu is focused on cyberpunk Japan, Hostile is more industrial sci-fi, and seems more comfortable on the far away frontier. The two games share a common timeline. Rules-wise the two fit together nicely.

I have enjoyed re-connecting with Classic Traveller/Mongoose Traveller over the last few months through the Cepheus Engine. This product is a nice addition to those games, and provides a lot of bang for the buck.

The one con to the whole thing is no bookmarks for the pdf. For a 307 page book, that's a real pain. I did have some problems reading a few pages of the pdf in my chosen viewer, Sumatra, but it reads fine in Adobe.

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