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Counter Collection Digital v3.0 $39.95
Publisher: Fiery Dragon
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/23/2009 10:06:15

Counter Collection Digital v3.0 is the latest digital product that collects all of Fiery Dragon and Claudio Pozas' 2D counter art up to December 2008. This 470 MB download contains more than 3000 unique counters of all sizes to be used for a variety of RPG genres, including fantasy, modern, superhero, and others. This product contains a large collection of JPEG images only, although separate fillable (though not saveable) pdf downloads are provided to assist in assembling all the counters you need for easy printing.

Claudio Pozas is probably one of the more known RPG artists currently active in the industry, and this product is a true showcase of his dedication and talent in the RPG industry. This product features years of 2D counter art that has come forth from his artistic talent, starting from the early days of the OGL edition. The product now spans far more than just the OGL 3e edition, and encompasses a small number of other genres, and indeed counters for the new 4e GSL game as well. This product contains thousands of counters for the 3e OGL game, hundreds for the 4e GSL game (including very useful counters for the latest 4e adventures for the game), and scores of other counters for modern games, superhero games, Tunnels and Trolls, Iron Heroes and Arcana Evolved and Ptolus from Monte Cook. In effect, this product provides everything you could really ask for in a 2D counter, particularly for fantasy RPGs. What I would love to see from Claudio Pozas and Fiery Dragon is object counters that can be used and placed on generic floor tiles enabling you to create complete dungeons and structure with objects and creatures from counters.

As mentioned earlier, this product contains digital JPEG images, and so all counters will need to be printed for use. Special free pdf form-fillable documents are provided as a separate download to allow you to construct the counter sheets you want. This is dead easy and simple to use, and the end results look great when printed. I've mentioned this about Fiery Dragon and their counters in the past and it's worth mentioning again - I wish their counter sheets would include some space (or a thicker line) where you have to cut the counters out, so that you can get a more uniform edge on the counters you cut out and use. Not a big deal, but it makes the final result look neater. It should be noted that the form-fillable pdf documents aren't saveable, unless you own the full version of the appropriate pdf software.

Organisation within the computer folder is generally by edition or genre, and within each subfolder the counters are organised either by the product they apply to (ifor example, an adventure in 4e) or by monster type (for the majority of the 3e OGL counters). It's fairly easy to find what you need as the counters are all very well named and give an indication of the size of the counter as well. Most of the counters will be of familiar creatures, but there are equally a whole host of counters for less familiar creatures such as counters from Expeditious Retreats' Monster Geographica line for OGL 3e. As most counter enthusiast know, a counter can be used for several different monsters and thumbnail views are very useful to browse and scan for the image you're after. All counters are square counters, though it's not difficult to adapt to circular counters and there are tools and websites out there to help you achieve this.

I don't think there's much more to say about the fantastic artwork that's in this product. There are some classic and gorgeous images, and some more mediocre one, but I cannot in all honesty say that there's anything in there that's even remotely 'bad'. The artwork quality and resolution is high, providing some clear images that look great when printed. Couple this to the sheer variety and number of counters, and it's hard to imagine that you'll ever need another counter product again. The product offers excellent utility and value for money, and is probably the single must-have product for any counter enthusiast. Having said that, this product collects all counters through to the end of 2008, so if you've bought previous digital versions of counters from Fiery Dragon there naturally will be some repetition.

This is a fantastic product, with some fantastic art and versatility in creating 2D battlemaps, skirmishes, NPC faces and for use in online gaming. It's fairly well organised, with some duplicate art between the editions for similar monsters, but with 3000 unique counters (3400 total), there's not a lot negative that can be said about this product. Personally I think this is a wonderful product, extremely useful, and a must-have if you want to replace your plastic miniatures with cheaper but still stunning looking counters. Highly recommended.

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Counter Collection Digital v3.0
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