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AFTERLIVES: or All Good Characters Go To Heaven Pay What You Want
Publisher: Magnum Opus Press
by Katrina B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/12/2018 10:58:56

Afterlives is a diceless system that can seamlessly stack atop pretty much any game where PCs worship deities or god-like beings.

It's designed for when PCs die and you want something more dramatic and meanignful than "make a new PC and divide up dead PC's gear" or "I cast Raise Dead". It's designed such that the normal DM opperates as the Persecutor and a guest player acts as the Judge.

It doesn't offer any true game mechanics but does give a pretty solid, easy-to-follow outline for how to build a case for a PC's eternal soul. Overall, a great read and def something I'll consider using when I next find myself with a deceased PC.

Full review here.

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AFTERLIVES: or All Good Characters Go To Heaven
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