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Remarkable Races: The Entobian $2.25
Publisher: Alluria Publishing
by Jim C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/03/2009 20:45:54

This recently updated product presents a caterpillar-like PC race with two very interesting abilities: silk spinning (a utilitarian sort of power that might prove surprisingly useful at low levels) and optional, paragon-level metamorphosis into a choice of flying forms that each to some extent favour one of the basic classes. The flight ability is no more than some classes can achieve with levitation-style effects and generally the game mechanics are well-judged, possibly excepting the usefulness of the mid-leg attack, which doesn't seem like a great option before you spend one or several feats. NPCs, again, show the broad range of vocations and temperaments across the species.

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Remarkable Races: The Entobian
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