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Harnic Christmas $0.00
Publisher: Columbia Games Inc.
by Shawn B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/29/2008 23:48:27

Okay, apart from my leaving a review on this product about a year after it was first issued (which is no reflection on the quality, mind), I decided to follow up with a review after Columbia Games, Inc. appears to be blessing the various holidays with Harnicentric supplements. Harnic Christmas was the first, and certainly not the last (may we see many more to come)!

Being free doesn't mean being cheap. Where I've downloaded free product before and been regularly disappointed, I find these little gems to be consistent in quality, creativity, and overall value. True it's specifically written for the Harn setting, but a little creative writing can work around that. That said, this is a great product if you happen to be a Harn fan (a more dedicated and die-hard fan group I've never seen...and one I'm glad to throw myself into whole-hearted).

And if you've never experienced Harn, give this a download and check it might be surprised at what it leads to!

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Harnic Christmas
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