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The Bay of Spirits $2.99
Publisher: Roan Studio
by Porter W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/19/2018 14:02:05


If I had to choose a single word to describe "Bay of Spirits" it would be evocative. The setting drips with just enough detail to leave you wanting more. As a DM it leaves enough room for you to make it your own, and to easily adapt it - wither to BX, 5E or whatever other system you like. The artwork and maps are perhaps the most wonder ful part. I'd urge anyone looking for a stand-alone setting, or perhaps a micro-setting for insertion into a larger game world to take a look.

For $2.99 - this is plenty of material and has relatively few errors when it comes to typos or grammar. Nothing worth calling out.

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The Bay of Spirits
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