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Delta Green: Need to Know
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Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Monica G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/16/2018 11:37:36

This was reviewd by Brian Woodman for Full review link below

Delta Green, which Pagan Publishing first released in 1997, expertly combined ‘X Files’-style conspiracy horror with the Lovecraftian horror of Chaosium’s ‘Call of Cthulhu RPG. The players are federal agents and their allies involved in an obscure conspiracy to combat the monsters and cults affiliated with the Cthulhu Mythos, protecting the United States from cosmic horrors.

It uses the same elegant system and contained a wealth of information on real-world federal agencies as well as fictional enemies running the gamut of the genre (double-dealing federal agents, zombie-making Nazi holdouts, etc).

This product is a compressed, quick-start version of the new edition for the game. It does what it is supposed to do but by its very nature is very underdeveloped. It does contain a great sample scenario and should whet the appetites of anyone interested in the premise.

It contains interesting rules for interpersonal bonds outside of work. The system allows these bonds to alleviate the stressors that players may face from their jobs, although these can erode over time – a nice touch that allows realistic psychological horror to enter the game.

This product may serve as a back door for people new to the game. More experienced players may find it of limited use, although I am interested in seeing where further products in the line may lead. Read more of our review at:

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Delta Green: Need to Know
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