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Ebonclad - A Thieves' Guild Setting & Adventures $19.99 $16.99
Publisher: Dan Coleman Productions
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Thieves seem to get the unglamorous roles in D&D games: scouts, lock pickers and trap detectors. Few scenarios seem to use their range of criminal skills. Some may remember the excellent Thieves' Guild materials by Kerry Lloyd and co-workers, which introduced modules suitable for Raffles style thefts, or carefully planned heists, Ebonclad follows in this tradition.

This review will concentrate on material directly related to adventures. There are a number of helpful tables to generate items of wealth to be pickpocketted, and residential items of value for robberies. The list of urban chase complications should enliven any foot race. Chaper 5, comprising 58 pages, contains seven missions. These are delightfully varied: some investigations with a final combat; a burglary to find an item; manipulating events to discredit an invention, or prevent a marriage. The last group are particularly enjoyable, as the PCs get a chance to dream up schemes. Outright brutality may draw unwelcome attention from the Kintallan Guard. Charm and Illusion magic will be an asset. The missions are fairly short, with plenty of guidance. There are helpful sidebar summaries with bullet points; in contrast, the PCs' Ebonclad boss tends to drone on for several paragraphs.

A solid collection of scenairos, with a couple very good. I would be interested in what the author could make of a longer, more involved adventure such as manipulating an election to high office, or a gang war. Recommended.

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Ebonclad - A Thieves' Guild Setting & Adventures
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