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Mythic Role Playing
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Publisher: Word Mill
by Geoffrey S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/07/2018 04:23:42

Summary : a very interesting product, perhaps more on the story game side than some other RPG. As a generic RPG system, 4 stars, the fifth because it contains a great deal of advice on how to actually use the system for many things AND for the potential as a GM tool.

I reviewed the pdf, which I bought. I played solo games only.

Content description : The system description starts with character creation, probably to allow reader to figure the new system more quickly. Everything is described with on a ladder, compared to an "average", decided by the players. Then you have the Fate Chart, which is quite central to the system (percentage of success or getting a "yes" to a question, based on the ranks defined before), followed by task resolution, fighting rules, how to generate more randomness in your adventure, how to generate an adventure with and without GM, and advices on converting other games to the Mythic system. There is a complete play exemple, on about 15 pages. It is ended by various reference tables and sheets.

Layout is clear, but internal links are lacking.

I do not like the art. I feel it is cheesy, almost unprofessional.

How it works ? Basically, the GM and/or the players asks questions, and the answer is provided by a roll on the Fate chart (answer is pass / fail or yes / no). Hence, if the GM allows it, you may actually err quickly on the story game side. Though, it is pretty interesting to make a call on many situations.

What I liked :

  • system is easy to grasp and covers a lot of ground, though a bit of work during game may be needed (taking notes for further reference)
  • still there are many examples and advices provided, which illustrates clearly the system, making even easier to understand it
  • the solo GMing part actually works, and I guess it also would as no GMing system
  • the work is modular, you can use a part of it, or as a whole
  • many references sheets. Print them, stick them together, and you have your GM playmat withing minutes

Could have been even better with :

  • better art. The product seems to be a Platinium seller on OBS, so it could make sense to give a few hundred of bucks to an(other) artist to improve it. It is almost disheartening, with many half naked women, one naked mer-dude taking a shower, and a few bad designed monsters… It does not convey the sense of "Mythic" by any way and could maybe even be removed without loss
  • the fight rules are more complicated than the rest of the system, which is a bit surprising, and would slow down everything. The author gives only a few lines of advice on how to get ride of it, a simplified version of fighting rules could have been useful, with examples
  • internal links. We are in 2018, even a pdf bought for a handful of bucks should have them
  • no SRD or CC licence, which I think is a bad point for a generic system nowadays

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Mythic Role Playing
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