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Mirror Universe : : Volume 1 $3.60
Publisher: Inspired Device
by Brendan F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/07/2008 06:16:53

The second MU set I've purchased, but the first sequentially. Happy to say that everything I liked about volume 2 seems to stand for volume 1 also. The same style of art and iconic heroes/villains holds up, though I do think the characters from volume 2 were slightly more interesting visually.

The stand-up cards are fine, just as before, and overall I think the product is very good. I do think a nice addition might be A4-size images of each character added into the .pdf, while I know this would increase the size of the files considerably, it'd also be very nice for players and GMs during the games.

As before, my only real issue is that I think these are slightly overpriced, which while it might account for the work gone into them, also prevents me from immediately buying another set... So I'm not sure if a slight price drop might not be viable if these are proving popular enough...

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Mirror Universe : : Volume 1
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