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Non-Player Compendium $12.99
Publisher: Metal Weave Games
by Sarah R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/06/2018 15:38:27

This compendium does come as physical cards, but the booklet has the same content and is more useful to people who play RPGs online as they can make their own cards with ease using an image manipulation software.

I used this to roll up some NPCs today and I was pretty blown away at how easy and fun it was to give flavor to NPCs and even PCs to make them unforgettable, by giving them secret motivations, objectives and quirks. This helps the game by adding more immersion and ultimately leading to a better gaming experience.

The artwork is excellent with the right stylistic choices to get your creative juices flowing. The writing is inspired . Above all, this supplement aids pretty effectively in the creation of believable characters, regardless of the game system used and all the characters I rolled up were well built and integrated.

Pretty amazing stuff!

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Non-Player Compendium
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