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Delta Green: Viscid
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Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Richard M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/30/2018 18:00:40

This is a great scenario, illustrating the dangers posed by the collapse of Majestic and its secrets, in whole or in part, falling into private hands.

Lots of potential for investigation, monster hunting and good old fashioned SAN loss induced by meddling in things the human mind was not meant to comprehend!

I especially like the wealth of background information in this scenario. It offers a lot of useful nuggets of information tucked away in timelines, NPC bio's and exposition text that can be very useful to a Handler looking to shape further scenarios or a campaign around fallout from the collapse of Majestic.

In short - a great Delta Green scenario, pandora's box of useful background nuggets and a, perhaps surprisingly, sympathetic antagonist.

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Delta Green: Viscid
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