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Dusk $3.00
Publisher: Frenzy Kitty Games
by Robert N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/18/2018 14:12:29

Interesting rules-light post-apocalyptic RPG. I loved the concept but think the designer should flesh this out more like a starting equipment guide (as well as equipment tables and functions). The artwork is very evocative. The basic setting is too briefly sketched but very intriguing. The formatting of the pages is too sparse--I'd never print it out on paper because it wastes so much space (if a revised version were made, I would suggest changing the formatting or at least offering a print-friendly version that condenses the material on fewer pages). I really hope the designer returns to this RPG and expands on its weaknesses. Also, I'm not certain that d8s offer a meaningful difference mechanics-wise than d6s for dice stacking.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you very much for the review. A deluxe and greatly expanded 2nd edition is on the cards for later this year. :)
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