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FAITH: Core Book
Publisher: Burning Games
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Faith the Sci-Fi RPG . A most stunning piece of work set in a fictional universe with new alien races humans play a very small part in this universe which is ideal . Understanding the new alien races isn't difficult as this game comes with its own unique artwork page after page of beautiful and stunning pieces drawn for the game . And if the art in the book doesn't satisfy this is a card based game and every card has unique and beautiful art drawn for itThe paintings are absolutely stunning . The system itself feels very unique and tidy . you have a hand of cards you play the number on the card to try and win the situation and basically that's it there are additional rules like every other roleplaying game which you can add in more or less as you play. Even the equipment you carry is demonstrated via cards the weapons the armour the gadgets the gizmos . All PCs NPCs Monsters are all on handy convenient card stock I can't praise this game enough it's an incredible piece of work . The creators of burning games are not native English speakers and so you can allow some error and mistakes in Translation. This game comes in two languages Spanish which is their native language and obviously English . Having met the Creator's at every opportunity they are the most pleasant and pleasing people you could ever meet . Once again get this game it's brilliant absolutely brilliant .

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FAITH: Core Book
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