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INDEX CARD RPG Core 2E $16.50
by Dillard R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/27/2017 12:18:37

BLUF: I am giving this 5 stars because of the community and the author's dedication to supporting the product.

The rules in the physical book are 120 pages long. In the PDF they are presently sitting at 192! A big difference because the community's input is used! A whole new bioform (read race for all you old-schoolers out there) was added because of the responses of the community.

Frankly the rules are a bit rough. The game engine itself could be tightened up. The game uses various forms of "effort" to do work. Effort is used for damage or to measure the work a rogue does to pick a lock. The rules on types of effort is the part that is confusing at times. Basic effort is hands and brain only; no tools. Weapons effort; weapons are used. Magic effort; spells and magic devices. Finally Ultimate effort; if you roll a nat 20 you add ultimate effort to your normal effort. Difficulty is rated in "hearts" each heart is 10 points (think hp). Basic effort is d4. Weapon d6. Magic d8. Ultimate is d12. So if I use a long sword (weapon) to hack away at an orc I do d6 effort after I hit him. If my elfkind mage is trying to bare hand open a chest using nothing but their wits use basic effort; d4. That chest probably has one heart so it may take awhile. Seems simple and easy to remember right? Okay do you use d6 when you use tools to do work? That wizard has lockpicks. Or maybe someone is trying to lift a large rock with a lever; do they use d6?

This is where the G+ community shines. If you have questions you can quickly hash it out online. Honestly, rules as written I'd give a 3 or 4 star rating. But as time goes on the author is making changes and tightening up the product with the help and support of a vibrant community. So 5 stars.

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