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Genesys Core Rulebook $19.95
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Adam W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/26/2017 10:28:00

I feel it is difficult for me to write a fully objective review of Genesys since my group has been regularly been playing Edge of the Empire since its release. Obviously, we enjoy and believe in the core rules that power the system and I'm glad to see how the talent pyramid and magic have been implemented to open up gameplay across many genres and I think that it's going to be fantastic for that.

I have seen complaints about lack of information included in the core book, and this has not been a problem for me. This is where the difficulty in objectivity comes for me. Because I have so much experience with the system, a few examples are all I need to get things moving. My group usually doesn't focus too heavily on what gear they have, so we don't need extensive gear lists. I could see how this turns some people off, but it hasn't slowed down our excitement for the game at all.

All in all, for the PDF and the dice app, the buy-in for a game with as much potential as this one being at $25 is pretty awesome in my book. That cost obviously increases if you want print and physical dice, but the minimum buy-in being that low is nice for curious parties.

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Genesys Core Rulebook
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