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Bios Ex Nihilum for HOT CHICKS: The RPG $19.95 $13.17
Publisher: Dakkar Unlimited
by Francis G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/20/2008 05:42:38

Bios Ex Nihilum is a 107 page supplement for the Hot Chicks RPG. It is lavishly illustrated in the usual Hot Chicks style of computer (Poser) art as well as littered with black and white illustrations.

As its name suggests, the book is concerned with creating artificial life forms, whether as PC or NPC creations or simply as PCs themselves. In 2015 technology is much more advanced than today and the ability to create life (biological, magical or technological) is present, as is a complete lack of ethical or moral structure to govern this. You're created, you're property. Get used to it or do something about it.

The first few chapters of the book deal with the details of creating artificial life - either as a player character or as an NPC. This comes complete with simple rules and costs for life creation as well as tables for mutations and errors should something not go according to plan. There is a new system for character generation where you buy the characteristics that you desire rather than roll them as you have been created with specifications in mind. Nothing is perfect though, and failing too many rolls will result in creatures that might look how you wanted them, but mentally they function very differently... Think "Fatal Attraction" crossed with "Psycho". There are new merits and flaws and the rules here work in the same manner as the original rule book, so the system seems well balanced. Included in these sections are the additional equipment (and Field guide to monsters!) that are needed to make artificial life, as well as additional spells and cyberware (mainly for keeping cyborgs under control).

After this comes a whopping fifty pages of NPC and creature examples of all types illustrating what can be created and what can go wrong. If you're looking for a sex toy, clone, rogue simulant, undead cyber zombie or just a basic mechanoid you'll find them here amongst many others.

Finally the book ends with a gamesmaster section with notes on how the basic organisations view and deal with artificial life, some new organisations that deal mainly with new life and some further adventure ideas.

If you're looking to expand your Hot Chicks game with artificial life of any kind, then this is the book for you. If you simply want a wealth of new NPCs, you won't go far wrong either.

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Bios Ex Nihilum for HOT CHICKS: The RPG
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