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CASTLE OLDSKULL - Oldskull Adventure Generator $4.99 $2.50
Publisher: Kent David Kelly
by Heather M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/29/2019 18:47:57

Updated 6/29/19.

I had previously given this product a less than stellar review based on how miserable this product was to get through. Since then, the publisher has gone to what is obviously an extensive effort to reformat the book. It is SO MUCH better!

The content is still there and still amazing. There are LOTS and LOTS of good ideas here. Plenty of tables to come up with an endless supply of adventures, only requiring a little creativity to put together. It also seems very system-neutral. If you play in a traditional fantasy setting, you will be able to use it. I have even mined it for ideas for quests in an urban fantasy setting, although it suits a more medieval fantasy type much better.

Thank you to the publisher for listening to feedback and making a great product so much easier to use!

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CASTLE OLDSKULL - Oldskull Adventure Generator
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