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Carnival of Dreams (Fate) $5.14
Publisher: MonkeyBlood Design
by Steve A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/18/2017 08:28:28

A clearly written and concise adventure. Blending comedic elements, such as the absurd superpowers, with a dark and sinister plot generates a unique atmosphere around the table. There is a wealth of information for the GM to draw on without getting bogged down by it, in fact the book encourages you to use as little or as much of the provided information as you like. This makes it very accessable and suitable for players of all types. The maps are superb and the locations are well thought out, again with bags of information to accompany them. On the whole whis book is smart, clean and a great little adventure to pick up for a one-off evening of fun with friends, but there is enough depth there to mean no two games will play out the same.

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Carnival of Dreams (Fate)
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