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Misfits & Menaces: Tricks & Treats $6.50 $3.25
Publisher: Misfit Studios
by Christopher H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/13/2008 01:34:46

I'm not currently running a M&M campaign, so I can't comment on how well any of these villains actual come off in a game session or adventure. However, they certainly sparked my imagination, and fit in well with a Hallowe'en theme. For a product like this, the stat blocks are obviously essential; I also appreciated the "Caper Ideas" (adventure seeds) provided for each villain, though the word "caper" seems a bit weak for some of these menaces.

I particularly like Armageddon, the Horseman, and Pumpkin Jack. Graveside is an interesting character, and a good pregenerated Dracula could be useful. The Bogeyman didn't do much for me. Of course, any product that brings Cthulhu into Mutants & Masterminds is worth having!

Some of the artwork and writing seemed a little amateurish, but overall, I'm glad to have this PDF in my M&M collection.

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Misfits & Menaces: Tricks & Treats
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