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Nations of Théah: Montaigne (Book 3) $7.96
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Montaigne is one of the most sophisticated places in Theah, but all too often players and GMs make the mistake of turning into bleeding hearts as soon as they see some starving peasants. Then the adventure turns into 'depose the emporer and lift up the peasants'. The GM always turns the nobles into arrogant, foppish assholes who are all plotting the downfall of their peasants.

This is not strictly the case. There are plenty of places to deal with Montaigne as a hotbed of political intrigue and gossip. There are noble nobles, and loyal knights. Not everybody is a completely debauched fashion-crazed lunatic stepping on his's just that everybody assumes everybody else to be that way.

The difficulty is getting roleplayers to sit around a table and deal with Montaigne as such. Nearly 80% of adventures run by my party have dealt with Montaigne, in one way or another.

Large-scale war-based campaigns are delightful to play...from loyal soldiers facing the brutalities of war to shadowy figures hoping to bring the end to war through intrigue and sabotage.

If you have any inclination to run Montaigne as a tangled nest of nobles engaging in lies and deceptions, I would recommend Neal Stephenson's 'Baroque Cycle', which is as good as stepping back in time. Eliza's letters out of Versailles are a great illustration of just how brilliant and twisted Montaigne can be.

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Nations of Théah: Montaigne (Book 3)
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