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7th Sea Core Rulebook (Second Edition) $29.99 $24.99
Publisher: John Wick Presents
by Charles E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/23/2017 07:37:16

As someone who adored the original 7th Sea, this feels like a return to a beloved game and a massive evolution of it. John Wick is a game designer who's made a ton of games, most of which feel like they've led to this.

Characters are swashbuckling heroes with mechanics to back that up. The nations of Theah present an interesting fictional Europe (and beyond!) with magic and myth amongst it. The setting is deep, but still ultimately about the player characters.

The previous edition had a good fictional Europe, but this version feels both more researched and more progressive, which it should be as this is a fantasy world.

The system is roll and keep (them all!) which is similar but more extreme than the original 7th Sea. Now all those lovely dice are clumped together in batches totalling 10 each. These results allow you to not only succeed at what you're doing, but select which other risks in a challenge you deal with and which don't. This level of agency of the players is sublime.

So far I've only played, but cannot wait to run this game for my group.

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7th Sea Core Rulebook (Second Edition)
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