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Changeling: the Dreaming Introductory Kit $0.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Tommaso C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/18/2017 11:35:20

(sorry for my bad english) Briefly, I found this introductory kit very involving and satisfying. It's only a preview but you can notice the White Wolf is creating a deeper but also lighter rule system, in particular for the Banality and Bedlam system. Faster but all dedicated to roleplaying. Personally there are some general rules (not the Chengeling's rules, but the general system rule of all the new edition) that don't excite me. But as I said, that's personal. This introductory kit convinced me donate them some money in the Kickstarter site. I think White Wolf can really bring back Changelings to their fairy golden age with this! The only "flaw" White Wolf should "correct" is the number of Kiths: add (or bring back) some others!

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Changeling: the Dreaming Introductory Kit
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