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Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics
Publisher: Blackfall Press, LLC
by Charles M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/15/2017 13:37:39

Played this at Acadecon then picked up the Softcover and PDF direct from the publisher.

I rate the book at five stars: It is well laid out. No wasted space. Nice Art. It is presented in black wiite which may be a drawback to some people, but I like it. It's what I look for in a game book.

I rate the PDF at three stars. It has a number of flaws. It is kind of heavy at 80MB. I can page through it easily on my phone, but on my old Kindle Fire, it's kind-of clunky. More importantly, however, is that there are no bookmarks or hyperlinks. It really needs those. I consider the Shadow of the Demon Lord PDF to be the gold standard in PDFs. It has bookmarks, is fully hyperlinked, and comes in 32MB. Compared against SODL, the CSW PDF appears particularly lacking.

I rate the system at five stars. The other reviewers give great detailed descriptions of it. I'll just add that if you're looking for street level gritty supers, this system delivers.

Overall, I give the Cold Steel Wardens PDF four stars. Five for the system. Three for the lackluster PDF.

If I were rating the psysical book, I'd put is at a solid five stars.

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Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics
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