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Delta Green: Handler's Guide
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Philip B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/03/2017 16:05:39

Well-researched by a team of industry veterans, the Handler's Guide is the other half of the Delta Green RPG (the Agent's Handbook is the first), and man, is it complete. Between the amount of background on the world, mechanics for nearly every Lovecraftian ightmare you can concieve, and additional information that adds to the realism of the premier conspiracy-horror game, the Handler's Guide is a must have for any aspiring DG Handler.

The detailed research and dutiful conversion of no less than 33 monsters, 15 Great Old Ones-- as well as rules to create your own nightmares, along with the sheer amount of information on the world of Delta Green, means any Handler equipped with this book will have years of potential content at their fingertips. So challenge your agents to discover the truth, at the low cost of their sanity, their lives, and perhaps their souls.

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Delta Green: Handler's Guide
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