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2099 Wasteland $19.99
Publisher: Legendary Games
by Gabriel G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/01/2017 03:24:58

The classes are ok, althought the scrapper is a total deception, the class description does not match at all what is written, i was expection a narrow selection of spell with a specific explanation for each of them and how they work, it is just said choose your spell and say you build some cool device out of scraps that does the same as the spell. The provided archetypes are bland to my opinion

The items are interesting, but the weaponry is just a copy paste from D20 modern. The races are ok again. I found nothing beyond "ok" except 3 things mentionned at the end.

My main concerns are that everything feels bland and/or looks like it's been copy paste from something else, also the separation from magic and technology isn't there. I expected a world withouth magic or at least rules and options to make a world withouth magic. Also the arts either look great or very cheap, most of them does not look good at all.

Another personnal issue is that the system isnt made with the 5e mindset (no scaling, lack of proficiency bonus use, flat + bonuses)

The reason this isnt a 1/5 is because of the work done on the settlement, living in the wasteland, hazards and custom weaponry creation (more of that! custom monster creation for DM, custom armor, custom robots, customs maps and customs items. guideline for these would have definitively added actual worth to the book)

with what i got i would have paid at best 10$

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2099 Wasteland
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