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Publisher: ThinkDifferent
by Jason H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/29/2017 21:22:41

A slide-show presentation on initiative methods, as seen in many RPGs. The graphics and writing are clear and concise. It's not clear where "elegance" comes in -- most of the presentation is about describing the methods and how they work, and then there's a wrap-up on "try new things." A breakdown of the pros and cons of each method would have been useful, especially with references of the games that use them. (And there's some glaring omissions: no mention of ticks, abort-to-defense, action-point systems. etc.) Might be useful to a designer looking for alternative initiative systems, but it's not comprehensive or critical enough.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks Jason, I'm aspiring to do a more evaluation on various mechanics and in general create more combined mechanics of various initiative / turn order management methods.

I would hope the 'engagement-pull' and 'wait and interrupt' mechanics in particular would be more widely adopted. I use them myself and they are very compatible with almost any existing initiative system.
Elegant Initiative Design
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