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Publisher: Pelgrane Press
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/23/2017 17:23:53
Feminism contains games that have changed my perceotions, and made me a better person. I've played several of these games.

I feel I should mention my own demographics: 30ish, white, male, cis, straight. I play life on the easiest difficulty setting.

Shoutdown to Launch. This game focused on workplace sexism. I played in the group who are shouted over, denigrated, and whose ideas are stolen. The degree of discomfort on both sides was really intense. Jason Morningstar was at the table, and halfway through started repeating what I said almost verbatim -- speaking over me as I spoke.

This was fantastic. During the debrief, I came to terms with some of the discomfort, realizing some events in my own office environment where gendered interruptions occur -- and the ways in which I allow it and aid it. That is, playing shoutdown did exactly what I wanted: expanded my own perspective to make me more aware of ways I have failed in my own feminism.

We also played "So, mom, I made a porno". We had five players, and I was the sex and porn positive Aunt. While most of this was comfortable ground for me, the character's arguments include using sex for advancement. I struggled with this, trying to embody that using every tool available certainly makes sense, especially if the deck is stacked against you.

As I very much want to believe in a meritocracy, this was really hard for me! Coming to terms with that involved coming to terms -- again -- with life's fundamental unfairness. The play in this was much safer ground than many larps, and the shame coming from the grandmother was tempered with love for her seemingly wayward granddaughter.

The intergenerational views of feminism worked very well. The daughter and sister's feminism were still being formed, and at some point I ad libbed that the grandmother was on the pill for 30 years, making her face a degree of hypocrisy in her own views on sex.

These games were absolutely fantastic. Personally, these made me wrestle with issues that I can normally avoid. They make me a better person.

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#Feminism preview
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