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Modern Dispatch (#123): The Eugenics Brigade20 $1.25
Publisher: RPG Objects
by Mark G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/17/2008 21:17:33

Modern Dispatch #123 is the 2nd of a series of alternate history superhero supplements for the Supers20 system set during World War II. The first supplement is the free Modern Dispatch #121 – Small Arms of WWII (available here:
) This release is called the “Eugenics Brigade” is 8 pages (6 content, 2 license) long and introduces the major characters and villains in Hilter’s Eugenics Brigade. This release provides you with an introduction the Nazi’s supersoldiers and their place in the theatre of war. It provides a brief timeline from Hilter’s rise to the fall of the Third Reich. The bulk of the product provides you with statistics, backgrounds and quotes for each member of the Eugenics Brigade – Hilter’s teleporting superassassin force.

The character’s presented include Charismatisch (a psychic who likes to crush tanks with her mind), Doktor Eugenik (mad scientist behind the project), Donnerschlag (weather manipulator), Feuerfest (power armor wearer designed to defeat “Old Glory” – an American superhero I expect will be released in MD #126), Krieghund (werewolf-like powers), Schlagring (electrified brawler), Streitaxt (magic axe that controls the earth), Traumfrau (probability manipulation and pheromones), Uberkreiger (rejuvenated supersoldier) and Gotterdammerung (teleporter). Additionally animalistic beserkers and flying solder troops are also included.

The product also contains one adventure hook. The average power level of the Eugenics Brigade is 6 and the average character level is 10. There is also a Modern Dispatch for England’s team “The Crown Guard” and Japan’s “Pearl Harbour December”. There will one for America’s “Vigilance Force” as well. There is no description of the appearance of any of the Eugenics Brigade.

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Modern Dispatch (#123): The Eugenics Brigade<sup>20</sup>
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