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Daring Tales of Adventure: Figure Flats $4.99
Publisher: Triple Ace Games
by Nathan R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/30/2008 16:55:30

So I am looking for paper figs for an upcoming round of pulpy goodness for games like Spirit of the Century, Hollow Earth Expedition, and come across these, which then lead me down the slippery slope of other Pulp goodness and their entire Daring Tales of Adventure Line (so see my reviews on those products if you want more info). But to this product. It comes with pages of good Pulpy Characters. If you want go to their website and download the freebies to see what you are getting, in fact do that anyway as those in the Freebie are not in this one. Now to some of the meat of the product. First the good news, all the pre-gen characters of the adventures are in this pack. As are most of the villains any pulpy person would encounter. Plus there are clear indications that this set will satisfy several other solid releases to come from Triple Ace games. So what is there not to like. Well, first the figures are all 3 fold characters (so 2 fronts and a black back), so a good breeze or the comforting cool of a fan can scatter your entire force to the wind. Solutions have been many (paper clips to finding hard to obtain card holding gizmos). I wish they had perhaps gone the route of other companies (like Precis Intermedia Games) with a single fold with a wide base that could easily be glued to pennies. Now I understand why they did this, all the Paper Figures from Earlier PEG items (like Deadlands) were done this way, its just hard to weigh them down. Still I give this product and what it brings to any pulp game a good solid A grade. And I do hope they release more providing more figures for their published scenarios and vehicles (etc.), as well as looking to other Pulp games to perhaps provide for them as well (looking for Hollow Earth Expedition Beastiary). Keep up the good work and look forward to buying more.

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Daring Tales of Adventure: Figure Flats
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