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Agent X: One-Man Army $1.75
Publisher: Crafty Games
by Alan K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/25/2008 18:42:50

AgentX: One Man Army is the first in a series of short topic PDFs.

The PDF contains the One Man Army expert class and the partner feat chain.

What is the one man army?

I'll spell it out for you: John McClaine. Yeah, there are other "tough guy" hero figures, but I'd have to say that it's the Die Hard movies series that made the concept deserve its own class.

There are no class skills for crashing cars into helicopters. But there is a class ability called "Yippee-ki-yay". The class abilities are all about taking a lot of punishment and dishing it out against all odds (one ability, I stand alone, gives BIG bonuses when you are outnumbered.)

Of course, the class works well for any of your classical punishment-taking heroes like Rambo or your typical Van Damme character (Martial Artist/OMA!). I'm sure Jack Bauer had a few level in it by season 5 of 24.

Of course, if the class says "Die Hard", the Partner Feat Chain said "Lethal Weapon". Or, any of a number of martial arts flicks with good "partner" fight choreography. There are 3 feats in feat chain (standard for SC 2.0 feat chains). Partner basics lets you elect one "partner" at the beginning of a combat, and gives bonuses to your partner while adjacent. The later feats give more bonuses, and all of the feat's have bonuses that improve if your partner has the feat chain 2.

In addition to the actual mechanics, there are brief sections with recommendations for making a character using the class, and ideas for playing the character, including cultural influences. (They didn't mention Die Hard, but maybe they thought it was obvious.)

The one thing I felt was missing: it always seems like tough guys are getting tortured and shrugging it off. But there is nothing in the OMA class other than resolve as a class skill that really emphasizes that. The poor OMA doesn't even have a good will save. I'm thinking if I ever run this class, a bonus Hold Out feat may make in somewhere into the mix.

In the final analysis, for under 2 dollars, it seems like some players will derive some fun from the mental nuggets that this class and feat chain convey, which should make it worth it.

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Agent X: One-Man Army
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