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Samurai Fleet Builder $15.00 $9.90
Publisher: Papierschnitzel
by Harry K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/07/2017 01:53:13

Every so often a paper kit comes along that simply raises the bar for everything else. This is one of those kits.As a bit of background, I am a veteran papercarfter and avid wargamer. I have gone from just building paper mode;s to designing and publishing my own. I game both historical and fantasy Japanese ranging from the 15th century to the modern era, and this set of boats and ships easily covers everythung I need up until the advent of motorized power. It scales perfectly with my 28mm miniature collection. The textures are spot-on, and the thing assembles like a dream. The use of layers for different colors and weathering allows some variety between the different vessels one might build, which in my opinion is very important.

I highly recommend this kit!


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Samurai Fleet Builder
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